Cables and Wires

They are widely used in agriculture, further securing existing systems, hail protection or restricting access


Galvanized steel cables with diameters from Ø3 to Ø8. Used in anti-hail systems.


Applicable to all structures in agriculture, additionally galvanized, weatherproof, rigid with a diameter of 1.8 mm to 4 mm.

PVC Cable

A steel cable with PVC coating used in anti-hail systems. The coating protects the net from damages and rubbing when in contact with the cable.

Crimped Cables

They are used in various structures and their length and diameter are determined according to specific needs. The loop is formed by mechanically crimped bushings.

Barbed Wire

Used to stop access to sites or territories, as well as to further secure existing fences and enclosures. Galvanized with diameter Ø1.8 mm.