Concrete Poles, Metal Poles, Clamps and Anchors, Cables and Wires, Nets, Caps and Net Accessories

Concrete Poles

They are widely used in structures for vineyards and orchards, fences, including hail protection systems

Metal Poles

They are easy to operate and can be installed anywhere. The metal poles give the vineyards a good look, as well as a solid and efficient construction

Clamps and Anchors

They are used to tighten wires and metal cables, and to secure structures and stabilize them to the ground

Cables and Wires

They are widely used in agriculture, further securing existing systems, hail protection or restricting access


Made of high quality materials, weather and UV resistant

Caps and Net Accessories

Caps, Plates for Nets, Clips for Nets, Net Retractor, Metal Ring for Nets


Individual Poles, Bamboo Poles, Tree Accessories, Tree Protector, Gripples, Grip Pliers